From the outskirts of Edinburgh, Stacey Duguid studied Fine Art at Manchester University before moving to London in 1995.  Working her way up from the shop floor of Harvey Nichols to the giddy heights of Prada, Stacey was eventually offered her dream job at ELLE magazine in 2004.  Almost a decade on, the magazine that sparked her imagination as a fourteen-year-old continues to inspire her.  After nine years working as Executive Fashion Editor, Stacey became Editor-At-Large in early 2013. This new title allows her to write across all aspects of the magazine, and to finally realise her dream of being a full-time writer.


Giddiness Rising AKA The Book

I am currently working on my first novel. For further details please contact Robert Caskie (rcaskie@pfd.co.uk) at Peter Fraser Dunlop.  


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